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Naruto vs Sasuke Chapter 695 (test 2)
Sorry for the loooooong wait! Haven't had much time lately but I'm working on this little by little. Another WIP of the animation, this time composited together so this is close enough to what the finished animation would look like. Hoping to get it done by february or march but I can't guarantee it. I'd like to get it finished before Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 comes out, because I'm sure the cutscene in that would be 10x better then mine! XD

A BIG thank you to :iconmvegeta: and :iconasideofchidori: for the stage model! :D
Naruto and Sasuke models from
Music: 'Shippuden' from Naruto Shippuden anime (this won't be the song playing in the final version)
Created in Maya 2014, composited in Nuke, edited in blender

As it's still a WIP helpful criticism is greatly appreciated!
Naruto vs Sasuke Chapter 695 (test)
Models from naruto ultimate ninja storm games (downloaded from
Music: ROCKS - Hound Dog (1st naruto opening)
Software used: Maya 2014

Hey guys, thanks for watching! This is just a test render of Naruto and Sasuke’s latest fight in chapter 695, I’m hoping to animate the whole chapter but I need your help! I’m using models from the naruto ultimate ninja storm games but I can’t find the Final Valley stage anywhere (which is why the background in this test looks bad) If someone knows how to rip models could you pm the Final Valley (daytime) stage to me? Thanks :D
Ichigo 3D model animation test
Created in Maya 2014, model created by me, animation from mocap data in Maya.

Just a quick cloth simulation test of an Ichigo model I created, it's not perfect as there are some penetrations and there's no hand animation but I'm only concerned that the cloth doesn't get tangled up too much. I'm planning on using it for an upcoming animation, I might post a few videos along the way to show it's development. Any feedback is appreciated!

And I know Ichigo doesn't do kung fu or dancing but I thought it would be fun to watch him do them =p

Music: Number One (Instrumental Version)
Ichigo face 3D test shot by STChimera
Ichigo face 3D test shot
Hey all, wanted to show you guys a screen capture of what I'm working on right now, just so that you know I'm still creating stuff! This summer I'm planning to animate a fight scene with Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, so I've been busy these past couple of days figuring out Maya's toon shaders and find out what works best. Ichigo's hair was probably the hardest part since it has to look good from every angle, and when I apply toon lines they just end up all over his hair (why does is it have to be so damn spiky?!! ) If anyone has any tips on cell shading in Maya that would be very helpful!
First of all, thanks to all the new people who've watched me and thanks to everyone who's watched my latest animation (if you haven't already watch it now!!… It's been a pretty big project of mine and I've been working on it for quite some time, I'm just glad it's finished... it feels like such a heavy burden has been lifted off me now. I guess it's sort of been my dream to create a battle with different anime and video game characters. I'm also happy it's got a lot of positive feedback, I wasn't really expecting this much :D Anyway, I'm not too sure what I'll do next ^^; I think I'll take a break from animating for now and perhaps start drawing more (I don't think I'm too good at drawing atm so I think I'll practice a bit before I submit anything) I would also like to create some vocaloid music videos some time in the future. As for a sequel to this animation, I have a few ideas for it (some characters I'd like to include are Raiden (MGS), Ulquiorra (Bleach) and Caius Ballad (FF13-2) ) but I haven't given it a lot of thought, and I probably won't start it for a long time anyway. But if you have an idea or want a character in it then please comment below! ^^

Also, I'm hoping to upload it to niconicodouga (I guess it's sort of like Japan's version of youtube) since after all, all these characters do have Japanese origins so it may be well received there too. If somebody can and would like to translate my script to japanese please let me know!
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